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Funding Available – Helping Children With Autism approved provider

Music & Education Programs, Educational Consultancy and HANDLE® Services


Children’s music programs,
Educational tutoring,
Musicianship Classes

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Music & movement therapy,
HANDLE for neuro-developmental differences,
Specialised educational & developmental programs

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Teacher Professional Development,
1-on-1 training for staff,
Individualised Education Programs for students

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HANDLE for wellbeing, learning and efficiency

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Consultancy and Training Services

Do you ever wonder…

…why does this child constantly wander around my classroom?
…how do I get this child to write if they are unable to hold a pencil?
…why does this child need to fidget with things all the time?
…how do I get this child to start paying attention when I speak?

With growing numbers of children entering or currently in mainstream education settings with either a diagnosis or perplexing behaviours, we believe it’s necessary and important for educational administrators, staff and families to be well prepared for the journey ahead.

What do we do?

We provide both Professional Development and Consultancy services to broaden the knowledge and experiences of staff and families and empower them in their work with students.

Who do we cater for?

Principals/Directors, teaching staff, educational support staff and families in Secondary School, Primary School, Kindergarten and Child Care Settings.

We offer Professional Development that is:

Flexible             Tailored            Empowering           Inspiring             Collaborative          Innovative


PDs cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:
Perplexing behaviours
Sensory needs
The learning environment
Individual learning/education plans
Communicating with students

All PDs provide practical strategies for use in the classroom/home and develop an understanding of the root causes of many behaviours.

Many PDs can be tailored to the needs of your particular setting – just contact us to ask us how!

If you would like to request Professional Development for your school/kindergarten/child care setting please contact Ebony Birch-Hanger to discuss possible topics, dates and locations.



2019 Professional Development opportunities

‘Ebony Birch-Hanger – Educational Speaker’
Please visit the following site Ebony Birch-Hanger to view all available options for professional development and conference presentations.

‘Personalised Approaches’
Please visit the following page Personalised Approaches and click ‘Like’ to be kept informed of all upcoming workshops.

If you would like to request tailored Professional Development for your school/kindergarten/child care setting please contact us to discuss possible topics, dates and locations.

Mobile: 0403 881 784                      Email: admin@personalisedapproaches.com.au