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Music & Education Programs, Educational Consultancy and HANDLE® Services


Children’s music programs,
Educational tutoring,
Musicianship Classes

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Music & movement therapy,
HANDLE for neuro-developmental differences,
Specialised educational & developmental programs

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Teacher Professional Development,
1-on-1 training for staff,
Individualised Education Programs for students

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HANDLE for wellbeing, learning and efficiency

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Children's Music Programs

Children have fun while learning and developing! 

The benefits of music and movement for brain development, learning, health and happiness are well-documented and include:


• Enhanced language development
• Enhanced reading ability
• Enhanced memory
• Development of empathy and resilience

• Increased concentration
• Increased self-confidence
• Increased motor coordination
• Reduces stress

• Development of creativity
• Development of concepts for numeracy
• Development of spatial awareness

To read more, visit:

1) An Overview of Current Neuroscience Research – The Benefits of Music Education

2) Learn how exercise benefits the brain


Our programs primarily use the well-established Kodaly methodology while also combining elements of Orff, Dalcroze and child development principles, to provide a balanced music education experience.

• Singing games
• Instruments
• Dances

• Improvisation
• Action songs
• Composition

• Speech rhymes
• Early learning concepts
• Musical oncepts

To read more, visit:

• ‘The Kodaly Approach’

• ‘What is Orff Schulwerk?’

• ‘Dalcroze Eurythmics’


Session Details:

What: Small group sessions
Where: Dingley Village
When: Run during the school terms

Contact us at admin@personalisedapproaches.com.au or on (03) 9551 5838 for class days and times.

Musicianship Classes

Preparation for VCE music aural exams! 

Musicianship is not the same as theory. Musicianship is being able to hear, replicate and understand the music and the components of music. Musicianship is learned through active participation in aural exercises.

Classes specifically for VCE secondary school students: 

– Develop a solid basis of aural skills – Complete your exams with more ease and confidence

These classes are particularly useful for students who want extra tuition in addition to what they receive at school and/or have entered VCE music with minimal aural skills.

Our musicianship classes are taught using the Kodaly method – a sequential, aural-based method which uses the voice as one’s primary instrument and develops the highest level of music literacy.

For more information visit The Kodaly Concept link to the pdf document

About the teacher: 

– Level 3 Kodaly teacher, certified in Secondary Kodaly methodology.
– Additional training in auditory processing – how we hear and understand sounds.

Contact us at admin@personalisedapproaches.com.au or on (03) 9551 5838 for more details.



Educational Tutoring

Specialised tutoring involving brain-based activities to support development! 


• Literacy/English
• Study skills

• Numeracy/Math

• Concepts needed for other subjects: sciences and humanities

Private tutoring for primary school & early secondary school students (to year 8).

Programs are designed by a qualified and currently registered teacher.

We will communicate with your child’s teacher to ensure that we have all of the information we need to support their learning at school. This is in addition to our own evaluations.

Our tutoring sessions involve movement and hand-on activities to support children’s different learning styles.

Challenges in learning are often due to inefficiencies in the brain-body systems – the brain may not be ready to learn and take on new information, or may not have an efficient way to store this information and recall it when it’s needed. To learn more see ‘HANDLE for well-being, learning and efficiency’ under the HEALTH section.

If your child has a diagnosis of a general learning difficulty, Dyslexia or Intellectual Disability, please see ‘HANDLE for developmental differences’ under the THERAPY section.

Contact us at admin@personalisedapproaches.com.au or on (03) 9551 5838 for more details.