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Funding Available – Helping Children With Autism approved provider

Music & Education Programs, Educational Consultancy and HANDLE® Services


Children’s music programs,
Educational tutoring,
Musicianship Classes

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Music & movement therapy,
HANDLE for neuro-developmental differences,
Specialised educational & developmental programs

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Teacher Professional Development,
1-on-1 training for staff,
Individualised Education Programs for students

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HANDLE for wellbeing, learning and efficiency

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Music for well-being: Spirit Sounds Women’s Choir and Chorale.

Spirit Sounds is a community choir based in Dingley Village, VIC. Spirit Sounds encourages well-being through music and the expression each member’s personality and free spirit, through song. We’re always looking for new members so please visit our page for more information.

HANDLE for well-being, learning and efficiency.

HANDLE assists… People of all ages and from all walks of life, who experience unease or encounter obstacles when involved in learning of any kind, work challenges, social interaction and play.

HANDLE does so by… Enhancing neurological systems, that may be interfering with an individual’s ability to reach their full potential.

Developed by Judith Bluestone, HANDLE® is an approach to neurodevelopmental inefficiencies that is…

Simple • Effective • Non-judgmental • Non-invasive • Medication-free • Empowering 

Possible outcomes of a HANDLE program:
Enhanced organisational skills and time-management
Improved study skills and focus
Improved sleep
Reduced stress, anxiety and feelings of depression
Improved memory
Increased understanding of concepts for learning
More efficient information processing
Enhanced visual and auditory processing

Screening Services

 A HANDLE Screening…
is a brief version of the HANDLE Evaluation and is designed for those 5 years old and older with mild learning, behavioural, organisational and/or attentional concerns. The goal of the screening is to discover which sensory systems and external environmental factors may be contributing to academic, work and behavioural difficulties or which may impede future learning. A HANDLE Screening is administered by a certified HANDLE Screener, and is ideal for evaluating an individual or group in a short time.

HANDLE Screenings:
Assess how a person interacts with his/her environment.
Identify general areas of neurodevelopmental inefficiencies.
Identify how the inefficiencies influence the person’s ability to cope with the demands of the environment.
Identify how the inefficiencies impact daily functions, learning, and behaviour.

Post-screening recommendations will:
Include HANDLE activities designed to create readiness for neurological systems to mature.
Guide the person to adapt his or her physical surroundings to reduce stress and to meet his or her needs.
Ease tasks through approaches that compensate for the individual’s unique challenges.
Include additional attention and/or therapeutic measures, if needed, including a full HANDLE Evaluation.

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Information Sessions


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Upcoming Sessions

** If there are no upcoming sessions in your area or you would like to host an information session at your organisation, please contact Ebony Birch-Hanger (Certified HANDLE Screener) to request the location and dates.

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Resources / Links


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