Staff Profiles


Ebony Birch-Hanger – Director                                                                       

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours), University of Melbourne
Level 3 Kodaly Music Education Certification
Certified HANDLE Screener
Additional training in Rhythmic Movements (primitive reflexes) and ABA Therapy
Currently completing a Masters in Special Education (Deaf/Hearing Impaired), University of Newcastle

Welcome to Individualised Music Classes and IMC Special Education Consultancy! I hope you find everything you need. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require more information.

As a qualified Teacher, Music Educator, Neurodevelopmental Therapist and Consultant I have spent many years supporting both children and adults, including those with various diagnoses, in both home and school settings. As music and sport have been a part of my life from a young age, I utilise the power of both music and movement to positively influence brain development, learning and well-being.

Over the years I have been an educator in child care settings, kindergartens and primary schools, as an integration aide, a classroom teacher and a music specialist. I have also worked as an ABA therapist and currently conduct two adult community choirs.

Currently I wear many hats and thoroughly enjoy the enrichment that each hat brings to the other. I cherish the variety of – my private sessions and group classes with all participants of Personalised Approaches; collaborating with staff in educational settings, while delivering Professional Development and supporting their work with individual students and empowering families as they support their children.

I recently became aware of HANDLE® and its benefits for people of all ages who would like to make aspects of their life a little easier and more efficient. My own HANDLE program has had an incredible impact on my life and I’m now thrilled to be able to offer HANDLE services as a Certified Screener.

I am passionate about providing education that promotes a love of life, learning and of course music! I believe in natural therapies to heal the body, mind and soul and enjoy a diet of wholesome food, walks out in the open air and relaxation to music. When time presents itself for some leisure activities I enjoy spending time with the important people in my life, reading for pleasure, craft and scrapbooking, baking and the occasional puzzle.

I feel privileged to be able to combine my ten years of experience as a specialist educator/therapist and as a person who has made sense of my own obstacles that I have encountered throughout my school and adult life. This has given and continues to give me a unique and genuine perspective when working with families, educational staff and other therapists.


Sarah Baxter – Individualised Music Classes program

Bachelor of Music, JMC Acadamy                                                                                                                                                                                       Diploma of Community Services, NSW Tafe                                                                                                                                                   Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, Holmesglen Institute

Sarah Baxter is an accomplished professional musician who has been working with children and families in the therapeutic and disability field for over ten years.

Having gained extensive experience working with children who had experienced complex traumas due to family violence, homelessness, social isolation and loss, she decided to combine her love of music and passion for children’s services together.

Sarah has been an educator and therapist at Personalised Approaches since the beginning of 2016, working in the Individualised Music Classes program and music instrumental teaching. Sarah’s current client base consists of

In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga and bush walking with her dog.